Twin Peaks star Chrysta Bell announces European Tour Dates

Written by Jovan Ristić

The star of the latest “Twin Peaks” series Chrysta Bell announced a European tour during which she will promote her latest album titled “We Dissolve”, published in June 2017 independently on Meta Hari Records. You can see the entire list of concert dates below. In the latest run of the iconic “Twin Peaks” series, Chrysta portrays an FBI agent Tammy Preston, and as is a real femme fatale in classic Lynch manner.

The star previously closely collaborated with David Lynch, while her new album was produced by John Parish, known for collaborating with class musicians such as PJ Harvey and Sparklehorse. Her music is described as “dreamy pop”, and her new album features influences such as Massive Attack and Portishead, with elements jazz and soul fans will definitely enjoy. Chrysta, who sings and plays the guitar, is going to be accompanied by bassist and vocalist Christopher Smart, guitarist Hanson Cole and drummer Jayson Altman.


Chrysta Bell tour dates:

Nov. 4 – PhilaMoca – Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 11 – Krugozor 2 – Moscow, Russian Federation
Nov. 12 – Clubzal – St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Nov. 16 – Control Club – Bucharest, Romania
Nov. 17 – Sofia Live Club – Sofia, Bulgaria
Nov. 18 – Cinedays Festival – Skopje, Macedonia
Nov. 19 – Dürer Kert – Budapest, Hungary
Nov. 21 – Lucerna Music Bar – Prague, Czech Republic
Nov. 23 – Blue Bird Festival – Vienna, Austria
Nov. 24 – House of Foundation – Moss, Norway
Nov. 27 – Vene Teater – Tallinn, Estonia
Nov. 28 – Bravo Caffe – Bologna, Italy
Nov. 30 – Paralel Festival – Belgrade, Serbia

Our crew will be attending the “Twin Peaks” alumni’s show in Belgrade, Serbia on November 30th as a part at the Paralel Festival held in KC Grad. Tickets for the show are on sale and can be purchased via the Eventim network or at this link.