TIDES FROM NEBULA – Catching The Sound Of The Universe

Written by Jadranka Balaš

Tides From Nebula is a four-piece post-rock band from Warsaw, Poland formed in 2008. Since then, they have released four full-length albums, and with the latest “Safehaven” they showed that they have continued working to distinguish their voice from post-rock peers. Just a few days before their show in Belgrade their bassist Przemek Węgłowski answered some questions about the band and their upcoming activities for our magazine.

You described your music as “catching the sound of the universe“. What does that mean? What message Tides From Nebula want to send with their music?
Przemek: The fact that we play instrumental music makes this music very “universal”. By the way, it’s interesting that this word in English has the second meaning which describes the vast place in space. Anyways, in the beginning of the band, we were very into kind of topics as science and space. Maybe now it changed a bit, but we still love to create all these “spacy” soundscapes.

When I think of Poland first band that comes to my mind is Behemoth and extreme metal music. So, how it feels to be post-rock band in Poland? Can you tell us something more about your music scene?
Przemek: Actually, our country is best known for its metal side; Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated and recently Mgła and Batushka are the best proof of this fact. If it’s about post-rock, instrumental scene, it’s growing really fast. Ten years ago there were two, three bands playing this style. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the majority of new music created here; but you can still find some really good bands as Sounds Like The End Of The World or Spoiwo.

What do you think makes you different from the other post-rock bands? Why should people listen to Tides From Nebula?
Przemek: As I said before, we are not huge fans of post-rock music, maybe this could be the best recommendation.

What is the most challenging thing of making music for you?
Przemek: Hmm, that’s a difficult one. Things are not always going in our dreamt direction; sometimes it is hard to get inspiration or you are sitting for one week and trying to compose one bridge in the song. But it’s the work you do and challenges you face. We all love it, otherwise, we wouldn’t do such thing.

You travelled all around the world and met with all kind of fans. How would you describe an average post-rock fan?
Przemek: It’s very diverse. We can see all types of people on our gigs; teenagers, students, older people, metalheads and even hipsters. So I can’t tell you anything about “post-rock” fan. Just beautiful people!

Which album that you have made are you most proud of and why?
Przemek: Every one of our four albums has its own story, but if I had to pick “Earthshine”, the second one was a huge exam for us. After a successful debut, we had to prove that Tides From Nebula is not a “single shooter”. We decided to make something deeper, more intimate. Also working with a noble producer, Zbigniew Preisner was quite challenging that time.

With few exceptions, you don’t compose lengthy tracks compared to many other post-rock bands. Why is that?
Przemek: Yes, “Earthshine” is this exception. We like to write songs. Pieces which are kind of compact and tell the whole story without boredom. But never say never. Long, ten-minute tracks can be also beautiful and exciting. Maybe we will make such music in the future?

“Safehaven” came out more than one year ago, what are your impressions now? Would you change anything?
Przemek: It’s more than one year indeed! Time is flying… No, this is the first album where I have nothing to complain. Of course, when we play these songs live, they are developing. We are adding some things, slightly changing tone etc. But in general, we are very happy about it.

It was the first album that you produced yourselves. Why did you decide not to work with a producer this time?
Przemek: Actually, it is second one (after debut). I think that we wanted to challenge ourselves. We learned a lot after those two albums created with producers help and this decision came. Let’s try to do it 100% our way. We have our studio, all equipment. Why not? And we don’t regret it!

On “Safehaven” you have one song with vocal lines. Have you ever thought of recording more songs with vocals in future?
Przemek: It all depends of music. We are not saying “no” to vocals, it’s just a matter of what music will bring. If we will find a place to put church choir, we will probably do it.

Favorite track to play live? Which one do people seem to like the most?
Przemek: I like whole current setlist and I have the impression that fans really enjoy it as well. It’s hard to put only one song here. I would pick “The Lifter”, “We Are the Mirror”, “Siberia” and “Now Run”.

Future plans for the band? New music on the horizon maybe?
Przemek: Yes, with the beginning of new year, we are closing in our rehearsal room and starting writing new sounds. So yes, new album should appear in 2018/19.

In a few days, you’re playing in Serbia again. You know what to expect from our fans but can we expect something different from you this time?
Przemek: We surely know what to expect there! Belgrade show was one of our highlights year ago! This time we are coming with even more powerful setlist so expect beautiful, long journey! Hopefully see you all there, very soon in Elektropionir!

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