PARADISE LOST – “Medusa” (2017)

Written by Jadranka Balaš

Death-Doom / Gothic Metal
(Nuclear Blast, 2017)

Slow, heavy and with a lots of doom elements, “Medusa” is a beast that brings the true Northern misery.


If history taught us anything, it’s that it repeats itself. Considering more than three decades of career and 15 albums, PARADISE LOST are a perfect example of this in the music world. When we spoke before last year’s Exit festival, Nick Holmes said that some albums were never supposed to happen, at least not under the name of Paradise Lost, and he proved that statement on several previous albums. Their masterpiece “The Plague Within” from 2015 was a return to the roots but with modern ideas, while the new album “Medusa” dived even deeper into the past.

Paradise Lost took the inspiration for this album from Greece mythology and story of the monster with the same name, and the theme deals with nihilism and existence. The heavy story is followed by heavy music and on this album the band sounds heavier than ever. Slow, heavy and with a lots of doom elements, “Medusa” is a beast that brings the true Northern misery, as they have described it themselves. Dark and depressing release, focused on guitar work much more than its predecessor.

The album bravely opens the longest song in the band’s opus. In a little over eight minutes “Fearless Sky” brings us a lot of distortion, melancholy and dark energy that comes out from the contrast of the music itself and Holmes‘s growl vocals. It is probably one of the heaviest tracks that band ever wrote, and it’s a real introduction to the abyss they lead us to. Although“Gods Of Ancient” is a bit lighter, it does not leave the dark path band take us throughout the whole album. Single “The Longest Winter” is one of the highlights and stands out from other tracks in the first part of the album. Elegant combination of sludge rhythms, fantastic drums and bass guitar, growls in combination with melodic vocals that give a poetic feel. The brilliant title track shines with special energy thanks to the haunting vocals. Nick Holmes on the whole album sounds like he is in top form. “Blood and Chaos” is a song that contains the most goth elements, and another wave of despair brings “Symbolic Virtue” for the end.

It’s an unwritten rule that bands get soft with years, Paradise Lost broke that one, too. With their previous few albums, the band returned to the sound of their youth, but with the addition of maturity and musical skills they gained during a rich career, and all of this they put into the album “Medusa”. What the predecessor had and what is lacking on the album “Medusa” is diversity and originality. Nevertheless, the new album is more than a valuable addition to their discography, and the unique concept and mystique once again put Paradise Lost at the very top of the top lists and as a candidate for album of the year.

Written by Jadranka Balaš

Track list:
01. Fearless Sky
02. Gods Of Ancient
03. From The Gallows
04. The Longest Winter
05. Medusa
06. No Passage For The Dead
07. Blood & Chaos
08. Until The Grave


Slow, heavy and with a lots of doom elements, “Medusa” is a beast that brings the true Northern misery.

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