Ne Obliviscaris Stream Third New Track

Written by Marko Ristić

NE OBLIVISCARIS are premiering the third magical song taken from their forthcoming masterpiece, “Urn”, which has been scheduled for release on October 27th. The song “Urn (Part II) – As Embers Dance In Our Eyes” is available for stream below.

Frontman Tim Charles comments on behalf of Ne Obliviscaris: “With just over two weeks left until our new album is officially released, we present to you one last taste… ‘Urn (Part II – As Embers Dance In Our Eyes’; the epic conclusion to the previously released ‘Urn (Part I) – And Within the Void We Are Breathless’, which taken together form the title-track.”
Below you can view the uncensored European “Urn” cover, which has been created by vocalist Xenoyr.


1. Libera (Part I) – Saturnine Spheres (9:52)
2. Libera (Part II) – Ascent of Burning Moths (2:36)
3. Intra Venus (7:29)
4. Eyrie (11:51)
5. Urn (Part I) – And Within The Void We Are Breathless (7:30)
6. Urn (Part II) – As Embers Dance In Our Eyes (6:38)
NE OBLIVISCARIS‘ third album, ‘Urn’ is bound to be a career-defining moment. The Australian extreme prog shooting stars have honed and re-balanced the key elements of their unique sound to a razor-sharp musical edge. The dynamic entwining of fierce growls and emotive clean vocals, the contrast between devastating and intricate guitar riffs and thundering drums against an unleashed violin and gorgeous string parts as well as the perfect blending of epic progressive and intense extreme metal forms of expression are all marking a new peak in the steep rise of the band.

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