MAISHA – “There Is A Place” (2018)

Written by Nenad Pekez

“There Is A Place”
(Brownswood Recordings, 2018)

Releases such as this one remind us that music really can be and is indeed magical.

Music can take us to many wonderful places. If you don’t actually feel like this, then you either do not listen to real music or you are not even aware that you are listening to it. “There Is A Place” is a title of the British jazz collective called MAISHA, but not just one, this album will take you to a whole range of unexplored places that you have never even dreamed of. And no, there is absolutely no need for any hallucinogens to feel this way, because the music itself can take you to higher places and this album is great example of it.

Basically still a pretty much young band, Maisha is full of talented musicians who have begun to attract serious attention in London’s jazz scene over the past few years. Absolutely adventurous, their music draws influences from various sources, directly from African roots, to what has originated from these roots over time – jazz, afrobeat, hip-hop, soul and much more.  Their style is often described as the so-called spiritual jazz. Although the genre carries a somewhat pretentious name, this album actually has the power to uplift, shake up and thus enrich the spirit.

The album attacks from the very first second with its pompous introduction, which soon turns into an infectious dance rhythm. The saxophone, guitar and keyboards fire up the music over this very solid base rhythm and change the dynamics and mood of the album. From the restless vortex to calm waters, but always with quite stable breaks, the music of this band breathes as a living organism. Percussions from time to time add fuel to fire and if you really feel these rhythms, you will lose yourself. Arrangements and dynamics are at the highest level. From second to second, the dynamics change and does not allow you to become a passive listener in any way.

Once you play this album it will be hard for you to ignore it, even if you try your best, the album will still draw your attention and take you into its world. The best of all, this is just a debut album! Even more excitement should be expected from this group in the future. Releases such as this one remind us that music really can be and is indeed magical.

01. Osiris
02. Azure
03. Eaglehurst/The Palace
04. Kaa
05. There Is A Place


Releases such as this one remind us that music really can be and is indeed magical.