Hardwired Magazine was born in July of 2017 out of the ashes of Nocturne Magazine and led by an enthusiastic group eager to keep promoting the thing they love the most.

Nocturne Magazine was founded in 2003 by young enthusiasts looking to dedicate their spare time to promoting the rock culture in Serbia. The main idea from the very beginning of Nocturne was to promote guitar-driven music in the region, even though the magazine was mostly focused on the metal genre. Nocturne started out as an online portal, only to grow into a printed magazine a year later. Ana Lukić gathered a team that pieced together the first printed issue back in 2004. After the fourth issue, Nocturne went on a hiatus due to insufficient funding.

In 2007, Marko Ristić joined Ana as the editor. The new chapter in the Nocturne story begun. Nocturne has had 24 printed issues until May 2012, when due to the global financial crisis the staff was forced to pull the plug on the printed magazine and focus on the Internet once again. Nocturne operated as an online magazine until 2017, when it was shut down. Since 2012 we have published over 15000 news articles, interviews, reviews, live reviews, and galleries. Nocturne became one of the leading rock heralds in the region with an impressive number of site visits and social media followers.

Hardwired picks up where Nocturne left off, only this time the articles are going to be published both in English and Serbian.