HELLOWEEN working on new album with classic lineup members?

Written by Jovan Ristić

German power metal veterans HELLOWEEN reunited with former members Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen last year for a highly succesful “Pumpkins United” tour. The seven-piece released a brand new song aptly titled “Pumpkins United”, the first one after 30 years to feature both Kiske and Hansen. This, of course, sparked a lot of questions whether the band could surprise us with a brand new album featuring the classic lineup members in the future.

In an interview with Hardwired current frontman Andi Deris revealed he would love to, stating: “It would be a great future option which I am sure we take if the bands´ chemistry stays as great as it is now.”

Take this next piece of information with a grain of salt, since there’s still no official confirmation: the band’s drummer Dani Löble shared a post on his Instagram account with a caption “Recording Day”. Though he could be recording his drum parts as a guest for another band, as there are guitar cases with the Helloween logo scattered in the background, it’s highly likely Löble is working on new Helloween material. Since we were the first to break the news of the reunion and the first to hint at the new song, which got picked up by Blabbermouth, you can safely put all your chips on this.


As far as how the new album could sound with two singers, in the same interview Deris revealed: “As a KISS fan I hope we share vocals here and there, have our solo songs too, and help ourselves with backings and so on. Just put in everything to make a song even better. Sometimes I guess a song sounds best just with one voice, sometimes I am sure this or that song gains a lot with 2 or even 3 singers, don´t forget Kai Hansen. Anyways, I think the song will tell (laughs).”