GRETA VAN FLEET, PHIL ANSELMO, TARJA and a guitar army invade Exit Festival

Written by Jovan Ristić

Exit Festival in Serbia, to be held July 4th through 7th has announced new, guitar-heavy additions to their lineup. Apart from the already announced exclusive performance by The Cure, the main stage of the festival will host modern rock prodigies GRETA VAN FLEET, who many are hailing as the “saviors of rock” and “generation Z’s first major rock band”. The Detroit quartet has become famous for reviving the classic rock sound and were even named the heir to Led Zeppelin by Robert Plant himself. After selling out their US tour this year as well as performing on major festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza and Rock Am Ring, Greta Van Fleet is coming to Exit Festival.

Joining them on the main stage is a heavy metal veteran Phil Anselmo, singer of the legendary thrash metal act Pantera. Together with his new band The Illegals, Anselmo will play a special set of Pantera’s classic tunes under the moniker “A Vulgar Display of 101 Proof”. This set will only be played on select festivals on their upcoming tour.

Meanwhile, over at Addiko Fusion stage, heavy metal diva Tarja Turunen of Nightwish fame will enchant the fans of her powerful voice that launched her former band into stardom.

The Explosive Stage will traditionally host a number of undergrounds, guitar-oriented and iconic names, some of which are Norwegian avant-garde metallers Arcturus, famed UK punk act Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Swedish metal pioneers Entombed A.D. and Californian hardcore veterans Total Chaos.

Greta Van Fleet, “The Saviors of Rock”

Greta Van Fleet, a band consisting of three brothers and their childhood friend, remind us of the very essence of rock’n’roll with every new performance: riffs that take over the body, bass and drums that drive it and a powerful voice that confirms the eternal life of rock’n’roll. The average age of band members is barely over 20, yet they have already conquered the American charts, with their debut album „Anthem of the Peaceful Army“, unveiled in October, which has already found itself on the top of Billboard Hard Rock and Top Rock lists, and took a very high third place on the general Billboard 200 album chart that has been dominated exclusively by pop artists in this century. The fierce vocals of 22-year-old Josh Kiszka captivate at first listening, and the ease with which he sings even the most difficult parts is enough to cause disbelief and comparisons to living rock god and Led Zeppelin frontman, Robert Plant! In an interview this year, where he was asked to point out his up-and-coming music favorites, Plant said: “There is a band in Detroit called Greta Van Fleet. They are Led Zeppelin I and they have a beautiful little singer”, and when the journalist said that it is incredible that someone that young can have such a huge voice, Plant jokingly added: “I hate him!”

The seal of approval for Greta comes not only from Roger Glover, the bassist of Deep Purple, and famous actor Tom Hanks, but also from music icon Elton John, who personally called them and said: “This is the best rock’n’roll I’ve heard in the last 20 years!” Greta Van Fleet stirred the stardust last year, with their hit “Highway Tune”, the first of their three singles that reached first place on the Billboard rock chart, the last one in line being their newest hit, “When the Curtain Falls”. Their explosive success, the likes of which have not been seen for a long time, brought them to the prestigious Forbes magazine list “30 under 30” and gave them Loudwire Magazine’s award for Best New Artist!

Phil Anselmo and “A Vulgar Display of 101 Proof”

Main Stage of the EXIT Festival and the ground around it will be shaken by metal legend with a powerful vocal of the ex-Pantera singer, Phil Anselmo, along with his new band The Illegals. This performance, consisting only from Pantera songs will be a must see for all true metal connoisseurs! Phillip H. Anselmo & The Illegals have published their second album this year, “Choosing Metal Illness”, rich with doom, thrash, punk and grindcore influences. The final product, full of distortion and Anselmo’s dominating vocals invokes the revolutionary sound of Pantera that irrevocably lifted the bar of the entire metal scene and retained its status as one of the best metal bands in the history of music.


Tarja Turunen, the Metal Diva

EXIT Festival greets another figure that participated in the permanent shaping of the metal scene, Tarja Turunen! The ex-frontwoman of the best-known Finnish band, Nightwish, combined her operatic vocals and metal sound, bringing to life and popularizing an entire genre. After leaving the band, she dedicated herself to a successful solo career and her album “The Shadow Self”, published in 2016, found itself on the tops of rock and heavy metal charts on iTunes in several countries! This year’s undertaking, the live-art album “Act II (Live)”, apart from the effortless “switching” between the intimate and the grandiose, confirms that Tarja is one of the best live vocals ever to come out of Scandinavia.

The Petrovaradin Fortress and its fiercest stage, Explosive, will be conquered by the avant-garde black metal band and renowned member of the Norwegian music scene, Arcturus, as well as the pioneers of Sweden’s death metal scene, Entombed A.D. Apart from them, three legendary bands are arriving to celebrate three awesome anniversaries! Two British bands, ska legends The Selecter and prominent punks Peter and the Test Tube Babies are coming to EXIT celebrating 40 years of tireless performances, while Californian hardcore punks, Total Chaos, arrive in the year when they mark three decades of music!

Tickets for EXIT are available via The official tourist agency of the festival, offers tour packages containing tickets, as well as accommodation and transport options.