GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT – “Epitaph” (2018)

Written by Jadranka Balaš

Napalm Records (2018)

“Epitaph” is a heavy, dark record, filled with sorrow and melancholy. God Is An astronaut is not a band that creates music they create magic.

Post-rock is definitely one of the most diverse music genres that provide almost endless possibilities. It can be heavy and dark or extremely melancholic and ambient, allowing bands not only to explore new sound landscapes but also to express emotions in different ways in their music. One of them who not only knows how to use the rich dynamics but also show emotions in the way that a little band knows is GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT. A band that does not create music, a band that creates magic.

They did it eight times, and the ninth is no exception. The combination of electronica and space rock packed in a post-rock atmosphere on which they built the reputation as one of the best bands of the genre, on the album “Epitaph” got a new dimension. This kind of experiment they didn’t make sense “All Is Violent, All Is Bright,” and this surprise factor, “expect unexpected,” is what was missing. To step out of the comfort zone and show the world what they can do. And they know how to do it. “Epitaph” brought me here. From shoegaze, doom metal and even synth wave influences, it offers little from everything on God Is An Astronaut way.

The musical turn they made on this album also carry emotional moment, which, if you ask me, is the most important component in this genre. How does it make you feel? “Epitaph” is a heavy, dark record, filled with sorrow and melancholy, at least in major parts. One of those who leaves you drained, but somehow with ease because you’ve released all those feelings out of you. If this was their goal, and GIAA are masters of emotion, then this time they have overcome themselves.

The title track from the beginning sets the mood that is transmitted through the entire album. More than an interesting dark combination of drone elements, heavy guitars and subtle female voices in the background create a restless, moody atmosphere that will swallow you. “Seance Room” is another remarkable piece of darkness, dirty sound and noise, probably one of the most disturbing songs in their catalog. The second part of the album is reserved for somewhat softer and more delicate, piano tracks like “Komorebi”, “Medea” and the finale in the form of “Oisín”, where instead of culminating the rage and despair of the predecessors, the band decides for peace and tranquility.

The “Epitaph” maybe is not the perfect record, but it’s definitely an indication that these guys after nine albums can still surprise, have an inexhaustible source of ideas and energy, they can still challenge themselves and push the boundaries of the whole genre in general. And the darkness works for them well.


01. Epitaph
02. Mortal Coil
03. Winter Dusk/Awakening
04. Seance Room
05. Komorebi
06. Madea
07. Oisín



“Epitaph” is a heavy, dark record, filled with sorrow and melancholy. God Is An astronaut is not a band that creates music they create magic.