GLORIOR BELLI Premiere’s Track “Deserters of Eden”

Written by Marko Ristić
The French black metal stalwarts GLORIOR BELLI are premiering their first single-outtake “Deserters of Eden” first track taken from the forthcoming new album, “The Apostates” (out April 6th 2018). The track can be heard below.
For those who believe in deities and religion, an apostate is often far more despised and hated than followers of other creeds. The Greek word denotes a person who falls off and demonstrates that it is possible to leave the old faith behind to boldly go new ways and therefore shatters the image that any belief carries an undeniable ultimate truth. This defiant act is quite rightly identified as a threat to organised religion as others might follow the example and therefore was and is severely punished by excommunication or even death, especially by monotheistic fanatics.
GLORIOR BELLI deliberately pierces this religious taboo with the title of their forthcoming seventh full-length, “The Apostates”, which should be understood as programmatic on many levels. Musically the French continue to grow out of their black metal roots, but each new song branches further outside the confines of stylistic orthodoxy. From the tell-tale opening “Sui Generis” to the unashamed heavy rock imbued title-track, GLORIOR BELLI obviously does not confirm or bow down to any set of “rules” some self-proclaimed genre judges might try to impose.
“Much has happened over the course of our 15 years of existence. Deals have been sealed and broken, notoriety built and destroyed, comradeships fixed and voided. It is a treacherous path, the one that we have chosen. ‘Deserters of Eden’ is a song that perfectly illustrates the progression in Glorior Belli’s crusade, but not only that. This track also sparks the very first act in the denying of one’s faith, a most serious crime, such as an apostate would. This song is dedicated to all of you, who walk a similar path, struggling against bigotry and abuse of all kinds!”
Cover and track listing for “The Apostates” can be seen below
1. Sui Generis (5:48)
2. Deserters of Eden (4:09)
3. The Apostates (6:35)
4. Bedlam Bedamned (5:43)
5. Hangin’ Crepe (5:10)
6. Jerkwater Redemption (4:10)
7. Split Tongues Won’t Atone (5:21)
8. Runaway Charley (4:37)
9. Rebel Reveries (5:51)