Geoff Tate to Guest on New AVANTASIA album “Moonglow”

Written by Jovan Ristić

Current OPERATION: MINDCRIME and former QUEENSRŸCHE singer Geoff Tate revealed that he will be recording guest vocals for the new AVANTASIA album titled “Moonglow” with the project’s main man Tobias Sammet. As previously reported, the metal opera’s upcoming album will be released in January via Nuclear Blast Records, followed by a massive world tour in March. Tate already appeared with Avantasia on stage for a select few dates including the performance at Wacken Open Air festival in 2017.

Speaking to Metal Underground, Tate revealed: “I’m going to Germany after this tour to work on the next record with him. So that’ll be fun. He’s very excited about it. He hasn’t played me anything yet. He said, ‘I’m waiting for you to get here, and then I will spring it on you.’ So I’m on pins and needles in anticipation, waiting.”

In an interview with Hardwired Magazine, Sammet previously explained what the future holds for Avantasia, saying: Michi Kiske is absent for example, and we won’t play three hours at the festivals of course. We may play some different songs also. With Avantasia, the exciting thing is that you never know if things will happen again. Whatever happened in the past always happened at the premise that it will be unique and may be the last time it happens. Nothing is taken for granted, that’s sad but it’s the way it is, and sadly, that’s what makes Avantasia preciously fragile and beautiful.”