Diamusk – “Freedom” (2017)

Written by Nenad Pekez

Reggae / Electronic / Trip hop
(Self published, 2017)

Powerful and amazing voice of Diamusk delighted us once again.

While listening to new Diamusk album I started thinking about her voice. I have always found her voice attractive, but until this moment have never really been thinking about the reasons of that. Strength. It came to my mind first. Determination and conviction. It would be quite natural for me to imagine the voice telling me the crudest and roughest words as one general words that prepare soldiers for cruciwordttle. At the same time, I could imagine the most beautiful words in Universum coming from the same voice, words my mind is not even capable to understand. Words such as „Love“ and „Freedom“. Yes, these words are known to my mind, but their real meanings will never be understood by the mind. If Diamusk is telling us something in her music, it’s that our minds are not even supposed to understand that kind of words.

„We think we love, we only think we are free. We say love, but actually, it’s about egoistic desire and personal achievement, while freedom is only a form in a slavery society which we are born in. Maybe the real meaning of life is to discover those two in their real form“, says Diamusk. Indeed, as long as there is thinking and as long as there is personal interest, love and freedom will be imaginative and unreachable. As long as there is a need for questions, answers will not show up.

If anyone even had some doubts after the first album, „Freedom“ completely confirms that Diamusk indeed has exalted goals and that these words are not taken lightly just as a pattern that comes along with the reggae-dub package. After all, how many modern artists you could name who are capable of saying things similar to ones that Diamusk says? Even if you can name any, could you say their words come from heart and soul? In that sense, “Freedom” is a perfect sequel to “Wadada” album. Still, it’s different.

Everything written here is directly confirmed on two mentioned albums. It is necessary to listen, but you might not be able to understand it. The real problem hides in just attempting to understand. As matter of fact, you need to be completely open, without thoughts and prejudices, and then this music will talk for itself. It’s not matter of quality, but time, how much time one should need in order to recognize that. The only advice I can give you Diamusk has already given, in much more beautiful way: “Let love show you the way…“

Written by Nenad Pekez

01. Concrete Jungle
02. Home
03. Link In the Chain of Evil
04. The Awake
05. Freedom
06. Light
07. I Pray
08. Don’t Listen
09. The Music
10. Islands


Powerful and amazing voice of Diamusk delighted us once again.

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