DIABOLICAL Announce New Album With New Single And Music Video

Written by Marko Ristić

The blackened death metallers DIABOLICAL are premiering their new single and music video “We Are Diabolical” today! This is the first single off their sixth studio album “Eclipse”, to be released on February 15th via Indie Recordings.

More than twenty years after their formation in northern Sweden, innovative death/black metal hybrid DIABOLICAL proves to be more vital than ever and puts forth “Eclipse”, a concept album reflecting on the dark side of humanity that forces the listener to explore his own diabolical side. The album is a tour de force with spitting musical and aesthetic complexity swirling around a dense soundscape of excellently distilled and refined ideas, altogether forming a rare display of musical craftsmanship equalled by very few contemporary metal bands. With nine gracefully raging songs, “Eclipse” presents DIABOLICAL as a mature and sophisticated band on the rise to new heights.

“We Are Diabolical” is a song that sounds just as daunting as the title suggests. Right from the opening, you get the feeling that the doomsday has come with a swarm of fallen angels painting the sky black. A contrasting middle part follows and prepares you for a final raging battle towards the end of the song. Give it a spin!

 “This is the opening track of the new album and it sets the tone for it: grand, intense, ominous and dark. Thematically it puts forth what is at the core of the concept of this album, it’s supposed to raise questions and provoke the listener”, says guitarist Carl Stjärnlöv.

Diabolical – Eclipse

01. We Are Diabolical
02. Betrayal
03. Black Sun
04. Failure
05. Inception
06. Hunter
07. Tyranni
08. The Fire Within
09. Requiem