Bruce Dickinson remembers joining IRON MAIDEN in new autobiography

Written by Hardwired Crew

The autobiography of Bruce Dickinson, frontman of the legendary band IRON MAIDEN, will soon be published all over the world. It will be called “What Does This Button Do?” and will be released on October 31 through Dey Street Books.

You can read the first excerpt from the book at the band’s official website, where the author puts us in the very end of his career with the band Samson, where we find out about the very important meeting that was scheduled at the Reading Festival.

In these memoirs, Dickinson (the man who is known for never giving interviews about his personal life) shares with readers a fascinating memories for the first time, including his 30 years with Iron Maiden, his earliest childhood, schooling, solo career, fulfilling his dream of piloting large planes and his recent struggle with tongue cancer.

The publisher states that in this book, fans will find out that Dickinson is much more than a frontman of one of the biggest bands on the planet – a rock icon, a true renaissance man, a legend. “It was flattering to be approached to write a book about my experiences and it seems an appropriate time to do this”, Dickinson explained briefly.

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