BODY COUNT in Budapest after more than 20 years!

Written by Hardwired Crew

California thrash/rap metal band BODY COUNT, which was founded by the legendary rapper Ice-T 27 years ago, is coming to Budapest next year! The band comes on the wings of the sixth studio album Bloodlust, and the concert will take place on June 17 in Budapest Park.

Body Count was formed in 1990 as a hobby project of the aforementioned rapper, and after the controversial debut album “Body Count” (1992) and strong attitude they quickly began to gain popularity, so the hobby has quickly grown into something far more serious.

With several lengthy breaks during career, they returned a few years ago and immediately gave a frightening blow in the shape of the album “Manslaughter” (2014), and even stronger one with this year’s release “Bloodlust”, featuring musicians such as Max Cavalera, Randy Blythe and Dave Mustaine, which they will promote at a concert in Budapest.

This year they also received a Grammy nomination in the Best Metal Performance category, and as one of the sure signs that the band really woke up is this announced arrival to our region. So make sure you follow the Budapest Park website because ticket sale is starting on December 8th.