BETWEEN THE PLANETS – “Of Inner Sight” (2017)

Written by Jadranka Balaš

“Of Inner Sight”
Progressive Metal
(Self-released, 2017)

Between The Planets have shown how instrumental music can take you on colorful and vivid journey.

Rarely something can be compared with that feeling of happiness when you discover a new band, music that excites you and opens up some new horizons or at least makes you smile just for one day. And it doesn’t matter if you came across it accidentally, someone recommended you or something else, what counts is the feeling of gratitude because you are richer for one more thing in your life that put a smile on your face. There is not much on the modern prog scene that I managed to miss, but BETWEEN THE PLANETS, unfortunately, somehow managed to sneak under the radar. Until now.

Martin “Spacosh” Perina started this journey as a one-man project and released the debut “Immersion Into The Unknown”. After four years of studio break, he returns with the second album “Of Inner Sight” as a three-piece band joined by Filip Kittnar on drums and Adam Palma on the bass, that brought Martin‘s vision a new “organic” dimension and warmer, more emotional sound.

The first thought after listening was that it would sound like this when you bring together Tesseract without vocals and Russian Circles. The technical perfection and rich sound of progressive combined with the dark melancholy of post with the addition of electronic influence to create a psychedelic ambiance and dark atmosphere that is hard to resist. From the first to the last track, the album gives the feeling of awakening of a giant, from song to song, from the cold and subtle introduction, it enters deeper and deeper and it’s complexity increases until it culminates at the very end, and blow out all the air from your lungs with its strength.

The introductory “Inner Voice” has a guest appearance of Barbora Mochowa, who, with her vocals like a siren’s call in a perfect way invites you to continue listening. The journey continues with ambient instrumental “The Avalanches”, with cellist Karel Žďárský. Jørgen Munkeby from Shining gave his contribution on the saxophone on tracks “Inside” and my personal favorite “Along The Horizon”. These versatile guests have completed the finishing touches and added new layers to the already rich sound of the band and definitely raised this experience to a higher level. Between The Planets have shown how instrumental music can take you on a colorful and vivid journey, an absolute recommendation for all fans of this sound.

Written by Jadranka Balaš


01. Inner Voice
02. The Avalanches
03. Engrams
04. Through The Canyon
05. Timelessness
06. Inside
07. Along The Horizon
08. Gravitational Collapse
09. Energy Of Wishes


Between The Planets have shown how instrumental music can take you on colorful and vivid journey.