AVANTASIA premiere “Moonglow” title track

Written by Jovan Ristić

AVANTASIA, the all-star rock opera spaceship piloted by EDGUY singer, songwriter and producer Tobias Sammet, release their eighth full-length album, ‘Moonglow’, via Nuclear Blast Records on February 15th. Today, Avantasia release the epic new single in the form of title-track “Moonglow” featuring guest singer Candice Night of Blackmore’s Night fame.


Tobias Sammet recording a video in Belgrade | Photo: Jovan Ristić

Tobias Sammet comments: „Yes, we’ve found a song on the new album that is below the 4 minutes benchmark and it would work as a single. And despite being rather short it’s also representative for the world of Avantasia. Somehow in hindsight I think that my admiration for Mike Oldfield shines through here, which wasn’t intentional but you can’t really control that. And by and large I find the song to be a typical Avantasia song nevertheless. The enchanting Candice Night did an amazing vocal job, and in all modesty, I think so did I, ha! ‘Moonglow’ is a declaration of love to the moon, the night; it’s about entering a different world and the sacred experiences that go along with it.“

Hardwired Magazine Interview

In an interview with Hardwired Magazine, Sammet explained the concept of the album, stating: “It’s an album about an outsider, a creature that has been created and thrown into an environment, a reality that it can’t stand. The creature feels that there is no place for it in that beautiful, glossy, shiny reality of the bold and the beautiful. As a result of that, it escapes and seeks shelter in the darkness, hoping to find a gate out of its misery so to speak. The songs are individual pictures of the mental world of that creature or character.” You can hear the interview below and check out Sammet’s answers to our “3×3” feature.

Avantasia’s New Album, “Moonglow”

This new 11-song record sees Sammet, among the most talented and popular names in German hard rock and metal, reunited with some familiar faces from previous Avantasia albums. These include original Queensryche lead singer Geoff TatePretty Maids frontman Ronnie AtkinsMichael Kiske of HelloweenJørn Lande (ex-Masterplan), Eric Martin (Mr. Big) and Magnum’s Bob Catley. “Moonglow” also introduces new collaborators Hansi Kürsch of Blind GuardianKreator’sMille Petrozza and Candice Night in truly spectacular fashion.