3×3: Jovan Ristić, Editor and Journalist at Hardwired Magazine

Written by Hardwired Crew

Jovan Ristić is the editor and journalist at Hardwired magazine, a passionate music fan and an incompetent aspiring photographer.


Jovan Ristic, Editor and Journalist | Photo: Marko Ristic

Most overrated and underrated bands?
An overrated band is any band asking for a minimum of 150€ for the cheapest seats at their show. As for the underrated, the list is long but I’ll narrow it down to The Pretty Reckless, as I think they are not getting the attention they deserve. Given how amazing their music is they should have been a lot bigger by now. And I’m willing to bet they soon will be.

Which band would you like to see reunited again?
I’ve already lived to see two of my favorite bands, Helloween and Faith No More, reunite against all odds. So I can only tell you to keep hoping you’ll see yours one day! As for those who didn’t already, I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to hear Mercyful Fate perform live again, especially since King Diamond is not getting any younger. And for those less likely to reunite ever again, definitely ABBA.

The band you would like to see perform live, but haven’t had a chance before?
Aerosmith, Avenged Sevenfold and Volbeat. Unwavering titans and future kings. I’ve recently watched a few clips from Aerosmith’s current tour. It’s amazing how much energy is still left in them and how good Steven Tyler sounds. Because of that, I sincerely hope this farewell tour isn’t actually their last.


Jovan Ristic with members of Katatonia | Photo: Marko Ristic

Your guilty pleasure? Band or an album you are embarrassed to admit you like?
This is a very posh answer, but it’s the only honest one I’ve got. I don’t have any guilty pleasures. I firmly believe that if you enjoy something or draw any satisfaction out of any type of music you should not feel guilty about it, no matter what others try to say or impose upon you. But I guess the right answer to this question would be that people seem quite shocked when they hear I love listening to Sajsi (Serbian female hip-hop artist) and Maroon 5. The same goes for late Croatian funk singer Dino Dvornik, I’ve been on the receiving end of a few raised eyebrows for that as well.

The first album you ever bought?
The first album I received as a birthday gift from my parents was by a legendary Serbian rock band Generacija 5. It was a compilation album on a cassette titled “Najači ostaju 1978 – 1994”, and I had no idea what the music was, I just loved the cover. Still, it was my first encounter with this type of music. The first album I bought for myself was Linkin Park’s “Meteora”. It was a pirated copy, but nonetheless I waited all day at the place where we got the music for the album to arrive, until they finally got it in the evening and burned a copy for me. I even got the original booklet, as I was persistent (or boring) enough.

The ideal album to relax with on a Sunday afternoon?
Therion’s “Deggial”. An incredible release with one flaw. I can never stay awake when I listen to it. Not that it’s boring, but I just find it incredibly relaxing. I had to make a real effort of staying awake the first time I listened to it front to back.


Jovan Ristic interviewing Markus Grosskopf of Helloween | Photo: Marko Ristic

The greatest album of all time?
Definitely Helloween’s Keeper of the Seven Keys, part 2. At least for me. Even though the first one was pure perfection too, the second part of this double release gave birth to all their greatest hits and laid the foundation for what would become known as power metal. Not a small feat for a bunch of kids from Hamburg that had no idea the change they were about to bring to the scene.

The most annoying musician?
Gene Simmons, without a doubt. I always say that I love KISS’ music more than I hate him, but the line keeps getting thinner and thinner.

Music recommendation for a kid who asks what metal or rock music is.
Judas Priest’s “Painkiller”. I have albums I love more than that one, but when you mention “metal” this album is the first thing that pops to mind. The speed, the emotion, the arrangements, the screaming vocals and the overall production, especially the guitars that sound like two swords grinding. Metal in the true sense of the word.

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