3×3: Danijela Radojković, photographer at Hardwired magazine

Written by Jadranka Balaš

Danijela Radojković is a photographer at Hardwired magazine, and a half of D&V production – photo-video project.


The most underrated and overrated band?
Erm, I would say the most overrated band is Linkin Park. I know they are huge and people love them, but why is beyond me! A pop band masquerading as rockers, maybe a band for kids just getting into rock.
As for the most underrated band, there are a few, but the one that comes to my mind at the moment is (Hed) P.E. A crossover of many genres, they are one of my most favorite bands ever, and are truly amazing live.

Which band would you like to see reunited again?
If I were asked that question last year, I would have said Snapcase, Poison The Well and Alexisonfire. My wish came true. Today, I say Eyesburn, a band I have loved since school days.

The band you would like to see perform live, but haven’t had a chance before?
The above mentioned – Snapcase, Poison The Well and Alexisonfire. I have been waiting to see these bands live for so long, they are all I listen now 😀  Also Kittie and Tool. I have to say I’ve been lucky enough to have seen most of the bands I love!

Your guilty pleasure? Band or an album you are embarrassed to admit you like?
I am not embarrassed by any band/ musician I love. So I will instead name a few I love that have nothing to do with metal – M.I.A, Asian Dub Foundation, Atari Teenage Riot, Cypress Hill, Die Antwoord, Vrooom, Frau Casio, and the list goes on.


The first album you ever bought?
Wow. I can’t remember! That was in elementary school, so 20-25 years ago, but I’d make an educated guess and say Nirvana or Slayer something.

Ideal album to relax with on a Sunday afternoon?
Any Massive Attack, let’s say ‘greatest hits’. Massive Attack reminds me of my college roommate and chilling with her. Deftones “Koi No Yokan”, that one too.

The greatest album of all time?
A question I find impossible to answer… First of all, because I always listen to full discographies of bands I love. So, the greatest albums of all time are all Deftones albums. My love for this band is never-dying.

The most annoying musician?
Danijela: Psy! I have never, not once, heard the song, except random kids singing it, but I have seen bits and peaces of the video, and the overall feeling is an annoyance. And Pero Deformero!

A kid asks you what metal or rock is, you recommend them to listen to?
Slayer. Slayer, for me, is a text book example of great metal.

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